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moose australia


sometimes wonderful things just fall in your lap everything seems right with the world. yesterday i got an email from matt, the owner of a fantastic new shop in australia called moose. bursting with fantastic australian design, moose specializes in textiles, ceramics, jewelry and art. i spent a large chunk of yesterday sifting through the collection amazed at the stunning quality of the work. the best part is, moose ships stateside. so for those of you who don't live in australia, you can order away if you see something that you like. i was really taken with the ceramics of sophie milne and textiles by out to lunch. there's really something for everyone here (gorgeous jewelry), so click here to check it out. matt said to just shoot them an email for intl shipping costs. enjoy! [thanks, matt!]



Dolly Red


black bowl 3

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Blogger Another Shade of Grey said...

That button bracelet is adorable...and I never use words like "adorable".

10:12 AM  

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