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pearl & marmalade


sometimes i get lost in etsy just trying to find some fresh new stationery or limited edition prints. this week i stumbled upon these beautiful golden bird cards by pearl & marmalade. based in chicago, pearl & marmalade is the super-friends duo of dani and lee. they founded their own invitation studio and these birds are just the tip of the iceberg. they have plenty of beautiful stationery for everyone, so click here for some affordable original art by pearl & marmalade. enjoy!

[ps: it's gorgeous out so i'm calling it a day. tune in monday for gift show coverage and some guest blogging i'm doing on fast company's blog mon and tues. also, keep an eye on mocoloco on monday for their fantastic interview series on "inspiration". have a great weekend! oh- and thanks to frida for the interview on her new site!]


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Blogger Unknown said...

i just received my first order from them and i am thrilled. i can't wait to use it. i got the hankie style in cocoa brown. AND, they included a hand stitched card. WHEE!

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I was flipping through archives looking for something that I remember seeing on some design blog in the past month, and jumped when I saw the blue and gold stationary, which I bought a few weeks ago from dani and lee at a handmade art fair in chicago. I really loved all of their stuff.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dani and lee are the sweetest. they will make anything you would like! and it's fun along the way. they did the birth announcements for my son and everyone loved them. they came complete with a handwritten note. it was like christmas! it's so nice how cool their stuff is and then you get such a personal experience on top of it. they are two great souls. thank goodness for them and for etsy.

10:17 PM  

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