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project runway: en francais?


not much to say about tonight's episode but i thought you guys might want to chat about it. should angela have gone home or is kayne's elvis look truly auf-worthy? i personally don't care for either of their looks, nor did i care for uli. i think her look is becoming a little stale for me. hopefully she'll change it up next week. i'm just sort of underwhelmed by the show. although it never hurts to film in paris- at least the city will be interesting? ps: could jeffrey just stop complaining for like 2 seconds? you won, shut up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that this is up already- woohoo!

Vincent shouldn't be allowed to be in paris! No fair!


10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh that's mean. I think Kayne's sweet. All the meanies come out at night!

Anna :)

10:29 PM  
Blogger Laidback Chick said...

love cargo seersucker pants, go Michael!!!!!!
Jeffrey definely rocked it but he is annoying as hell, can't wait til he's a rap. You can really see Laura's bump now.

10:37 PM  
Blogger ROXY MARJ said...

Kayne is sweet! And Angela deserved a reward for how she handled Jeffrey's childish comments. I really really did not like kayne's outfit though... However I didn't like Angela's either, but I think that if I saw her somewhere in that not knowing who she was I would think to myself "hmmm....she has funky taste" and I would probably leave it at that, but if I saw Kayne's id say "ewww....." - that's all.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barf barf- Angela should have gone home. I'm boycotting rosettes!


Angela Hater!

10:54 PM  
Blogger dancer said...

Linen was a terrible idea for travel wear, as it wrinkles if you so much as look at it. But I thought Angela's outfit wasn't too bad. It certainly looked like her. Catharine Malandrino was right, she does come from a different world, and she isn't a "jet-setter". But not everyone can be, so why should she?

Jeffrey is terrible. I hate his clothes (and I usually love tattooed skinny boys in tight pants), and his personality is simply septic. He's the worst thing: a sore winner. I'm looking forward to his flameout, so I won't have to look at his neck anymore. He has "Detroit" tattooed on it! What could possibly be more pretentious? His namedropping and self-obsession are only the crust on his sewage sandwich. I think he must have always been a rock and roll sycophant, a hanger-on, and the only way he could get in to that world was to sew its outfits. He's very talented, but that doesn't make up for his attitude.

Phew, OK, sorry. I just needed to vent. I can't help it. Vincent...boring....not badly made, but why so empty? Is it because if he doesn't leave it blank, he'll applique a basket-weave pocket onto it?

Kayne is from a different world, too...a silky airy pageant world. A shiny, sparkly world of glitter and dreams. I like that world. I don't mind that that world is tacky. I say, work it!

Laura's dress was beautiful, and it looked great with her coloring.

I'm just pissed off that Angela was kicked off and Jeffrey won, immediately after he was such a dick to her and her mom. It was the reverse of poetic justice.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Ralph said...

Jeffery is the only one who is an actual designer, and not a sewer, though Michael does have his moments. Everyone keeps talking about "Construction," but Jeffery is the only designer who knows how to construct and deconstruct, and not simply regurgitate an earlier learned basic pattern. I think it's telling that Kors the bore said "Looks Like Commes De Garcon goes to the Amish country..." Um, sounds like a compliment to me. Anyhoo, Fashion Designers don't need to be charming and nice, maybe TV stars do. All the judges represent BORING fashion, so it's a joke when they keep talking about "fashion foreword." Kors is fashion foreword? ELLE is fashion foreword. I think not. In Paris Jeffery will shine. Finally we have an actual fierce judge , Malandrino. They should have a permanant judge who represents a more playfull aesthetic and/or the avant garde to balance these tired people out.

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Jeffrey should be sent home for his bad attitude. At least Angela was good at construction. People may not like her rosettes but at least she sews well. Unlike Uli- that dress was so uneven!


7:00 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

whenever i see the PR opening credits and vincent says "you've gotta be kidding me" i always think "no, YOU'VE got to be kidding me".

why is he still there. ugh. i'm hoping the next challenge will be edgier and more high fashion than the previous- it would be great to see what they can do with a wide open challenge.


8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss Alison!

Alison! Alison! She would have been so cute in Paris!

Maxine :) :)

8:19 AM  
Blogger Notamermaid said...

I actually liked Kane's shirt. Flashy yes, but I liked it, and it suited him. I think if he'd just restrained himself from the RHINESTONE belt buckle and TRIPLE-loop of shiny chains, he would have been fine.

I expected Vincent to go. Usually safe is punished, but the Calvin Klein guy liked it, so that must have kept him in.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone else wonder how the heck Kayne is still in? I get that he's like flaming and dresses really flamboyantly but shouldn't he still be designing a bit more high end than he is?? He's pageant through and through...


8:32 AM  
Blogger Moxie said...

This episode proved once and for all just how talented Michael is. He made seersucker look hip! He has a great attitude, he makes well-fitting clothes, and he has a creative mind. I definitely think he's going to win in the end.

I think Vincent will be the next to go. (Please, please let him go!)

9:01 AM  
Blogger Janvangogh said...

Laura had a nice softer look. I wonder if she brought any clothes along that would adapt to her new condition.

9:06 AM  
Blogger @alyssa ettinger said...

angela's outfit sucked, but she get a prize for not ripping jeffrey's head off on the last show. seriously, if you made my mother cry i might smother you in your sleep. can't jeffrey get auf'd for being such an a**hole? he makes wendy pepper look friendly.

and yes, kayne's outfit was over the top. i loved laura's, and her construction is top-notch.

9:14 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

i still want to hit jeffrey with a folding chair. or one of those stools in the work room. no one talks to MY MOM that way...grrr


9:17 AM  
Blogger @alyssa ettinger said...

actually, i'm wondering there's something they're not showing us. angela is sort of a loose cannon, and i can't see her letting this slide without reaming him.

it's not that she's ever had a problem speaking her mind.

9:49 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

do you guys think they actually made angela go right back? i don't think they did. if that did that is SO SO cruel. i'd give her a day or two at least.

i love how excited laura was about first class. she's growing on me.


9:50 AM  
Blogger Ralph said...

I actually think Jeffery over-reacted. But excuse me, talent wins over charm any day. It's not a nice contest. I liked Michael's outfit (seersucker is already hip, though). Laura is a seamstress - not a designer, she makes pretty dresses. What do you mean when You say construction? It was a basic pattern she already had in her head - no invention was involved. Jeffery is definitely more inventive with how the dresses are actually made, they are not basic patterns. He also has the best personal style, but thats just my opinion. Alison was my second favorite, also with a great personal style, so it makes sense they were friends. I mean if you actually Like Elle magazine, maybe you like boring things. That's life.

10:46 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

i personally don't think it's accurate to imply that elle=boring and that people who read it like boring things. elle can have beautiful spreads, as can a lot of other magazines. however, i do agree that there hasn't been much cutting edge fashion on this show. i miss the jays and santinos of the last seasons. though i did sit next to jay's park slope friend from project jay on the subway yesterday. she has very curly hair.


10:50 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

one more thing: i agree that this isn't a popularity contest, but if jeffrey doesn't learn to be more open to ideas with a client it will bite him in the ass. i doubt he would have been as rude if the plus size model had been famous. ie: oprah, etc.

did anyone read that isaac mizrahi interview (in vogue maybe?) from a few years ago where he said he regretted having an attitude with clients? he said he went in thinking "whatever, these people want my look so i can be however i want to be" but in the end people got sick of his attitude and he had to be a bit more polite.


10:51 AM  
Blogger dancer said...

It's true that Jeffrey is technically very talented, and has a great eye. But, the sewer is his personality, not his designs. A person can be a dick and still be incredibly talented (Sinatra...Picasso...Gauguin was also said to be rather unkind). It's his pretention that works my nerves. Detroit! On his neck! Ha! Dude, you're never gonna be Iggy, so get over it.

The powers that be on PR are definitely on the side of dowdy and conservative. That seems to be ever more true. It's like they keep shooting for the middle, but the middle keeps sinking.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Ralph said...

I think he def should watch it, for his OWN sake, but I like his personality overall. I would be pals with him. MOST talented fashion designers are big bitches, reco'nize. I like bitches. Culture needs a few people who tell it that it sucks. Being nice all the time is highly overated.

Elle magazine. It is offensively mediocre, as are nearly ALL American fashion magazines. Elle, like Vogue (alomost every version except American Vogue rules), often uses fabulous photographers doing the most dreary work of their careers. These magazines rarely give attention to new designers, and are disproportionately concerned with the commerce of fashion, rather than the art of fashion. Why support mediocrity?

11:28 AM  
Blogger Gigi said...

I read that the tattoo is his kid's name and Detroit is his (the kids) middle name. I hate Jeffery and his attitude. He is mean and condescending and he may have talent but what is wrong with being a decent person. That is why I love Kayne and Robert- they were sassy and funny and nice. And Michael is a nice guy. Jeffery may be edgy and cool and hip, but he is also an asshole who doesn't have the decency to be nice to an older woman, just because he hates her daughter. The mom did nothing to deserve his treatment. And he is a sore winner.
I wish Laura had used a color that wasn't so close to her skin color. But she did look fabulous. I didn't mind Angela's wrinkly pants but hated the top. ANd Vincent. Don't get me started on his weirdness. How is sweet Allison gone and these asses are still here?

11:32 AM  
Blogger PennyLane said...

Can't believe Kayne is still with us. Hated his rhinestone cowboy outfit, all he needed was a 10-gallon hat and we'd be back in Urban Cowboy-land with Cissy and Bud.

Jeffrey = verbal filler.

Final three? Laura, Michael and Uli.

12:12 PM  
Blogger stella im hultberg said...

tim said on his podcast that angela had a day to explore and enjoy paris before going back.
her outfit was so awful, i thought her personality was over the top
and calculating at the same time. :/
i can't believe alison's out, when vincent is still in!

1:03 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

tim's podcast is soo good!


apparently catherine malandrino was super harsh and they had to refilm that segment several times. lol.


1:33 PM  
Blogger Ralph said...

Of course she was harsh. Her stuff is amazing. That's why she preferred Jeffery. She's from a higher caliber of fashion, so much so I'm surprised she did this show. Perhaps she has never actually SEEN it. They tricked her!

1:41 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I lived in L.A. through the '90s, and Jeffrey reminds me of every wannabe band guy at the Coconut Teaszer (yes, that's the correct spelling--ugh). Every one of 'em would show up in those exact pants Jeffrey sported last night, and pretty much that exact outfit. Not original at all, and very dated, no matter what those old judges claimed. Plus, he's such a jerk so I can't like anything he does.

Laura and Michael looked swellegant, though.

1:51 PM  
Blogger wish said...

I agree, nutmegnine. I felt I was back on St. Marks in '96!

5:14 PM  
Blogger everona said...

thank goodness someone said it! sure, jeffrey chose an "edgier" genre to rip off - but that doesn't make him any more forward than, say, vincent. there was nothing new, original, deconstructed or reconstructed about what he did. he wanted to look like a rock star: he looked like a rock star. well done. but not a single original, unusual thought or detail.

michael wanted to look like a hip hop star in the hamptons, and did. and laura (who i appreciated for the first time) looked like the elegant successful designer she aspires to be. even vincent made an intelligent choice, going simple, understated and chic. frankly, the last thing we would have needed was to see vincent in an outfit like jeffrey's - after a certain age, you know. (well, if vincent had worn jeffrey's outfit there would have been no end to the talk of how tired and dated it was!)

i'm not saying jeffrey shouldn't have won. i'm just saying they all did their thing. my vote was for laura's lovely dress.

well, as the old saying goes. there are never any new ideas - just new ways of recycling the old ones. (not that i think anyone's doing that really well on this show.) funny, though how certain symbols manage to always trigger or impress certain people, and other symbols trigger others. jeffrey pulled out the 80s/90s rock star symbols. which so many people will always see as edgy and new. i got pulled by laura's fabric choice, and the elegant wrapping and draping of her dress. 40s movie starlet? balanchine balerina?

anyway, rock stars and ballerinas. make the world go round, don't they.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Ralph said...

You obviously didn't look closely at was going on with his jacket. However, NO, This particular outfit was not "edgy," it was playful. Some of his dresses are more avant, sometimes "rock." God I hate how the American fashion world is dictated by the tastes of suburban refugees, who are "over it," without ever having been under it, or in it.

8:54 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

alright ralph, we get that you like jeffrey and that we all like boring things and have no taste. consider your point taken. k? let's move on now.


8:55 PM  
Blogger mansa76 said...

Angela has the most bland taste. She just doesn't get it. Stupid rosettes on everything. Blah. I have no idea how Vincent even got beyond the first episode with his stupid hats and dumb comments. He isn't even good TV. Alison has th best hair and I miss watching her hair do's. We all know that Jeffrey is good at one thing. Rock 'n Roll. Uli is great with pattern. My vote for the top 3 finalists: Michael, Uli, and kayne. Not as exciting as last season. Laura's designs are always the same old thing. At least Kayne is entertaining. I miss Santino & Andre from last season mocking Tim Gunn. Ahhh

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Ralph (above) for real?

I agree that Malandrino was really harsh. It especially smarted to hear her after Angela gushed about how much she admired her! I wondered if the producers provoked Malandrino to be so caustic.

Michael and Laura are really talented. I think it will come down to them.

I don't understand why the judges were so excited about Jeffrey's work. The rock star look is old and overdone. Sure, it wouldn't rumple on a plane, but it's recycled. Jeffrey is a terrible designer and person.

Although I like Vincent as a person, he needs to come up with something daring. Kayne may be able to sew, but his design sensibility is in another decade.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i mean, i feel like the thing to remember is the disclaimer in the end credits: that the producers have an influence on the outcome. therefore, i feel like the show holds on to perhaps less talented, but more "controversial" or "interesting" designers (personality-wise). i feel like it is much more apparent in this season than in others, which is what is kind of irritating me. but at least they got rid of angela... i mean, to each his own, but she clearly didn't really try to design her pieces for a wider audience other than herself. SO. yes.

11:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe ralph suffers from the condscending euro-art wave. Where, essentially they believe somehow they are fashion forward if they deconstruct ( basically ripping shit up and pasting it back together) it is a notion of some psuedo-intellectual surge. Throwing the word, " art," and " avant-garde," around as if it has some impact, when in truth it is just not as aesthetically pleasing garment. I have seen jeffery's fashion before, its old and redundant and looks like his influences, alexander mcqueen, etc. Is he a good designer? sure, but in the bussiness he wishes to enter that arrogant over the top attitude will get him nowhere. And, before you begin to accuse me of not having any experience in this realm i am a painter and spent a majority of my life surrounded by people believing themselfs to be " avant-garde" well as one of the greatest modern artists francis bacon once commented that art is essentially dead and that basically is true on a basic conceptual level people have personalized interpertations, and frankly i dont like jeffery's but do not accuse people of being ignorant americana backwoods mainstreams because they dont like his personality or his fashion. He himself is limiting with his quick judgements and narrow view of fashion, he will not even consider really thinking out of the box, because he is stuck in his own box of ego self serving idealism as a artist who designs.

6:31 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

ooh, ok guys. let's all agree to disagree here. no one needs to get too worked up over PR.... ;)


7:14 PM  

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