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fresh for fall: new mini trend!


this has been such a fun week of releasing new things that i thought it would be a good time to post a new mini-trend as well. this is a movement i've been seeing for months now (and saw the first inklings of years ago), but just now gathered enough samples to fully illustrate. textiles have always been popular in the design world but never have they been more integrated into the product design world than in the last few months (or even the last year). starting with hella jongerius's embroidered tablecloth design of 2000, designers have started to investigate methods of integrating textiles and, most recently stitching, into ceramics, furniture, lighting and tableware. perhaps not the most functional method of detailing, this stitch+furniture marriage has nevertheless been a stunning one to observe as designers across the globe test out their own unique versions. what i love most is the "hand-made" feel it gives to objects. i've compiled a big collection of products, so check out the full mini trend right here.

[and speaking of textiles, lena has a great new textile designer named adrienne rogers on her guest blog today]

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Anonymous cruststation said...

Oohh...fantastic trend forecast, thanks for sharing.

9:32 PM  

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