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a d*s reader sent along a link to this beautiful panier percé bowl to go along with last week's mini trend. but upon further investigation it seems it's part of a wonderful collection by an italian design studio called industreal. based in milan, industreal has created a really stunning collection of almost dream-like objects that try to approach product design and from a non-tradtional angle. many of their pieces break apart the notion of what a certain object should be or do, while others are just lovely to look at. they launched a new collection in april this year, but i think their "dream 2006" collection is a really inspiring group to look at- lots of fantastic ideas. i especially love jed crystal's fruit trivet/bowl (it's 'never empty'). you can click here for more information on industreal. enjoy!

[just saw that lena has a fresh interview up and a post on one of design's "it boys" right now- jaime hayon. click here to read]



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Blogger Janets Planet said...

I have been collecting needlepoints for a few years. Just went I was thinking about getting rid of them, now I see that stitching is a trend. Guess I will hold on to them for a while.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! love the bowl

5:11 PM  

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