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jennifer vanderpool


mocoloco featured a fantastic artist today named jennifer vanderpool. she works with bundt pans to create these beautiful sculptures. they look good enough to eat. click here for more information on jennifer's work.




Blogger vespabelle said...

maybe you have to see it in person but I am not getting this art. The real sculptors are the gals/guys who designed those Bundt(Tm) pans.

12:31 PM  
Blogger orange ed said...

but it looks like she uses the pans + molds from inside of them
+ eye popping colorations...!!
i see a wave of spray painted thrift shop bundt pans ahead...

1:58 PM  
Anonymous strobotron said...

i have to agree, it's not really "design", it's merely a collection with some examples of what the original molds turned out, in colors.

But these remind me (only because they look like rubber or latex) of these amazing vases i saw at Maison-Objet earlier this month.


the designs are a bit crazy / outlandish -- and you don't really get the scope of them from photos -- but they are huge and entirely soft and rubbery jello-y jiggly... amazing! you can't help but want to keep touching the things.

6:36 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

well i think this is sort of hinting at a bigger debate. it reminds of me of the dadaists and people wondering if found objects were art. does it really matter that the mold was pre-made?

i personally think this artist chose to do an interesting thing with yes, a pre-designed item. but molds are a common item (though not necessarily bundt pan molds) in design so i don't fault her for that. i think the piece is more about color and material, which play a big part in this.

to each his own, but i think we'll wind up fighting the dada fight if we get too deep into "this isn't design because the mold is pre-made"


10:56 AM  
Blogger smashingSF said...

these are delectable! wondrous, colourful i really respond to the light play/jelly-goodness
Great photography. i hope they are as good in person. ..

3:56 AM  

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