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john mahoney


d*s reader joseph sent me a link to designer john mahoney last week. after talking with john i was really taken with his beautiful wallpapers and rugs. elegant, modern and perfect for both the traditional and contemporary home, john's designs are definitely worth checking out. i was really smitten with the subtle colorways of john's wallpaper. we've seen so many bold wallpaper designs lately that it's nice to see someone combining graphic patterns with soft, almost mineral-tone colors. currently john's work is available to the trade only, but i thought that, since we have more than a few designers reading the site, maybe there would be a few people willing to help out any interested customers? if so, just leave a note in the comments below, thanks! also, i have a personal recommendation for an interior designer if you're in the market- adrienne labelle. sister of jennifer labelle who runs romp, adrienne has been helping me get my wreck of an apt together. she even had the patience to sit with me while i panic over paint colors. you can contact adrienne right here. enjoy! [thanks john and joseph!]





Anonymous Casey Keasler said...

If anyone is interested in interior design services, please feel free to email me regarding the wallpaper DS has posted or any other services. caseykeasler@hotmail.com

4:10 PM  

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