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manhattan user's guide

mug guide

thanks so much to the manhattan user's guide (mug) for the shout out on their homepage today. mug has been my go-to-guide for a while now (through them i've found electricians, painters and our beloved zip car) and it was such a nice surprise to be included on their site. i was so thrilled they liked the brooklyn shopping guide. thanks, mug!

[speaking of guides: maria is kicking serious butt with her affordable art guide. i'm going to be archiving mav's finds in a button on the main page when she's done so we can have a permanent guide to affordable art in one easy location. thanks, mav!]


Anonymous Rhea said...

I've been buying art for the first time in my life -- something to do with turning 40. So thanks for writing about that link.

10:20 AM  

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