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ever since i studied japanese block printing in college i've been vaguely obsessed with japanese textile and print techniques. one of my favorite methods is called shibori, which is basically where western tie-dying comes from. before you cry hippy, let me explain that shibori can be done tastefully and bear NO resemblance to the mess that widespread panic fans wear. for example, this gorgeous clutch uses shibori to create a stunning contrast on the indigo colored fabric. done well this technique is really, really spectactular. this clutch (a one of a kind) is available at susan's great new artstream studios online shop ($65). if you're looking for original art, some fun home accessories, pottery or some great new odds and ends, check out the new artstream studios shop. very cool stuff. enjoy!

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Anonymous Karren K. Brito said...

Have you disovered my shibori blog at ENTWINEMENTS? There are a few tutorials too. Trying to form a community of shibori people who share so we and all get wiser about how to do it.

2:05 PM  
Blogger susan said...

Thank you Grace for the post! Her shabori is so elegant.Not a shred of hippy. :-)

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Amanda G. said...

I studied fiber arts for two years in college and my professor would get very offended whenever someone called shabori was the same as tie dying. It was one of my favorite courses and I still miss the smell of fresh indigo.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Tricia McKellar said...

Shibori is so much fun to dye--- some pics of my shibori dyed cloth:

Thanks for posting the link to the clutch-- maybe it could be an early Christmas gift to me? :)


8:14 AM  

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