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thank you...


today is the last day of lena corwin's fantastic debut guest blog. i want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for putting so much work into it and sharing some really, really fantastic work with us. her mini interviews with people like camilla engman and petra borner were my personal favorites, but you can click here to check out the rest of her finds (the upholstery posts are awesome as well). so thanks again to lena for joining us for 2 weeks.

stay tuned, because next monday we'll have a brand new guest blogger who's devoting the guest blog to a special theme: affordable artwork. i can't wait to see it all. i'm off to run errands and find a couch so i'll see you on monday with a fresh podcast and a brand new guest blogger. have a great one! [affordable art above by alika cooper at tiny showcase, my favorite source for affordable art]



Blogger Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

What a beautiful, interesting, bright spot you have...your blog delights! Susan (airstream) sent me over!

11:45 AM  

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