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brand new: the curiosity shoppe!


i love nothing more than finding out that a friend or friend of a friend has opened a new design business or store. yesterday i got emails from both kate lydon (of saturate design fame) and lauren (her good friend) about lauren's fantastic new shop- the curiosity shoppe. i first met lauren when she was living in new york and working for todd oldham's studio but it seems that now she's moved to san francisco and opened a great new home shop with her partner, derek fagerstrom. full of delightful home, office, personal and kitchen accessories, the curiosity shoppe is full of affordable design fun. i love the emphasis on designs inspired by nature (acorns, birds, river rocks...) and the fact that i can afford almost everything in the shop in a snap. in addition, they have a great collection of affordable art that will be growing with the shop. i love any store that devotes a portion of their collection to artwork by up and coming artists. it's a must, must see for anyone looking for fun designs for the home. click here to visit and shop. [congratulations to lauren and derek on the great new store!]





Blogger Conn said...

I know Lauren and Derek from their New York days and they are the most wonderful couple. They have a great eye for fun items and are the ultimate crafters and organizers. If you are lucky enough to attend one of their Curiosity Guild gatherings, please do yourself a favor and give one a go. At their events you will learn things like soap making, screenprinting , gift wrap ideas and knitting I have a Curiosity Guild cookbook That they currated from member recipes from guild members... which is till use 3 years later. They have curated a wonderful collection with The Curiosity Shoppe that is afforadable by everyone...How cute is this Shoppe? Congratulations Lauren and Derek!!!!

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Design Milk said...

This is a great find!

10:29 AM  
Anonymous lisa said...

cute shop and great taste! full of affordable goodies.

11:58 AM  
Blogger hiphostess said...

hooray! I LOVE this website! thanks for sharing! :)

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Colleen said...

I'm doing a wall of photos I took of mushrooms in my living room, and these mushroom accessories are brilliant! I can't wait to tie it all together. Thanks for the link!

12:27 PM  

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