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new at dwr


love them or hate them (it seems most people hate their prices...) dwr carries some pretty cool products every now and then. i'm loving these industrial house numbers they just added online the other day. inspired by stencils, these outdoor numbers were designed exclusively for dwr by erik spiekermann and would look great next to anyone's door ($24 each). i love the dark orange- always fun to switch it up a little bit. and of course, while you're at dwr check out their lighting (always my favorite section)- they've got some great classic le klint 171b pendants ($300). click here to browse the entire "new" collection. enjoy!

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Blogger jeremy said...

I have a friend who calls them "Design Out of Reach", which always makes me chuckle.

Regardless of whether you love or hate them, you've got to give DWR credit for bringing the design world to the masses, and with a lot of integrity.
Yes the stuff is expensive but it isn't made in volumes like IKEA.

I still get the DWR email newsletter and catalog, and have never ordered, but someday most likely will.
I think DWR deserves a hats-off for forwarding modern design so much.


12:21 PM  

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