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maria just sent over her new cards for october. a gorgeous letterpressed orchid print made with a dark purple/blue ink is joined by a printing with texture but no color. stunning. maria is always churning out beautiful limited edition cards. you can pick up your set right here for $20. you can also pick up mav's limited edition designs for the d*s shop right here- enjoy!

[sidenote: i was able to meet up with maria for the first time in brooklyn last weekend and i can personally vouch for her being just as awesome as her cards. it's so wonderful to meet such talented women working in design]




Blogger lorenzstudio said...

Oh, these are so gorgeous. It's nice to know there is a wonderful personality behind this beautiful artwork.

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

hi - I wonder if you could tell me more about how what is meant by 'joined' here - I am not sure how printing with texture and no color resulted in this stunning card?


3:32 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...


the card combines an image printed with ink (the dark purple orchid) and an image printed without ink, but just the imprint- see the imprint in the bottom picture? that one doesn't use ink. mav often combined an inked imprint with one that doesn't use ink. i love it :)


7:07 AM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

a-ha! i see it now. v cool indeed. thanks for pointing out :)

10:10 AM  

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