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new guest blog: anna of red.house!


thanks so much to the wonderful karin eriksson for her fantastic work on the guest blog these past two weeks. she had some really beautiful finds and i hope you'll all continue to read her blog now that she's back "home". as we say goodbye to karin, it's my pleasure to welcome a relatively new blogger- anna of red.house! since she founded her blog in july of 2006, anna has been tracking some of the best scandinavian design on the web. a designer herself (and a native of sweden), anna will be sharing some of her best scandinavian design finds (focusing on textiles and prints) as well as any other great tidbits she comes across. so, welcome anna! click here to check out her debut posts.

[after these three scandinavian bloggers we'll move to a different region...so fret not if you fear i've gone scandi crazy over here]


Anonymous namli said...

you have so beutiful eyes

5:48 PM  

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