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under foot: part deux


i've been looking for small rugs lately and i love these little patterned guys at urban outfitters. for $28 you can stash these little 3x5 numbers in front of the sink, in the bathroom, by the door or at the side of the bed. fun design for a pretty fun price. click here for the yellow and here for the brown.



Anonymous kate said...

I won't ever order anything online from these jerks again. don't get me wrong, I love a few of their home things here and there and don't care about the people who scowl at their style, but I had the shipping nightmare from hell ordering a rug. They shipped it to the wrong address TWICE and I waited almost 2 MONTHS for this rug, and when it came it ended up being the completely wrong rug. I ended up loving it anyway (thick wool shag rug), I must admit, but still! They refused to give me any kind of compensation or upgrade my shipping too.

So damn, these cute little rugs are tempting me Grace!! But no way, no how. I will lug it on the subway before I order online again.

9:48 PM  

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