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sadly last week's holiday and being sidelined with a nasty case of the flu didn't give me the chance to adequetly praise the fantastic work that kristina did on the guest blog. i was in a nyquil haze and am just now catching up with all her amazing interviews (thorsten van elten, doshi levien, clotilde of chocolate and zucchini, hervé matejewski, lisa of good on paper, etc.) and posts. she nailed down some of the biggest names in design over the last two weeks and i'm still reeling from the fact that both thorsten van elten and the bouroullecs answered questions for something even remotely related to d*s. they're probably my two biggest professional idols and i was so thrilled to see them on the guest site. so, click here to read the last two weeks' worth of kristina's product finds, recipes, interviews and fun pet interviews with lisa and crash!. thanks again to kristina for all her hard work. [the guest blog is taking a week off while we build the december shop this month- it will be back next week]





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That dog is SO cute.

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