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new at bizbox


after a week off for the holidays i'm back at the bizbox blog with a new post. last week when i asked what you guys wanted to see on the site the overwhelming response was: how do i get my work into shops? so i thought i'd ask some shop owners and see what they had to say. i think their advice is phenomenal and definitely worth checking out if you're a designer or are considering producing any type of product for wholesale. i've got tips from ryan at elsewares, mark from sparkability, rena at rare device and susan at artstream studios. they cover everything from getting noticed and getting in stores to drop shipping and following up. i've also included some additional links to pieces on the topic. i hope it will be helpful to those trying to get their work in shops. click here to read the full post

[the next post will be all about running your own shop if you've decided to go that route. i'll also include any tips and things to avoid that i've learned while starting the d*s shop]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

grace, people are vicious! i can't believe some of the posts you've gotten over there...

c'mon d*s fans--get over there with some love for grace!

8:00 PM  
Blogger The English Dept. said...

I'm a newish shop owner (year and a half), so if you need input for the post, I'd be happy to contribute. -Elizabeth, theenglishdept.blogspot.com

1:51 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

ah, no worries, anon. it's par for course. i think some people are uncomfortable or don't understand new forms of small business so they shun what they don't understand. it's ok, i've got a thick skin after dealing with comments on this site ;)

thanks for the concern though.


7:57 AM  
Blogger Stereoette said...

grace, some of us are buzzing on the switchboards about your post and how some of the commenters dont get "our" type of small business - thought you might be interested in my nerdy ramblings on the subject and other people's slightly more coherent statements ;o)


4:17 PM  

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