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new guest blog: kristina of three layer cake


i'm thrilled to welcome kristina of three layer cake to the d*s guest blog. i tend to go product crazy on the blog so i thought it was important to invite someone who specializes in longer, more analytical posts. kristina nails some of the best interviews on the web with the biggest and brightest designers (even my beloved bouroullecs) so i'm sure her posts will be a big hit. based in rome (but originally from tennessee), kristina has fantasic connections to the international design scene. her posts will focus on interviews with designers, international trends and even the odd product now and then. i'm excited to see the guest blog move in a different direction for a few weeks so click here to check out kristina's first post- an mini interview with the bouroullec brothers.

[ps: that's her dog crash! above. i have a huge crush on him so i had to include him in the photo]


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