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new jen corace


as most of you know i have a pretty serious girl crush on jen corace. i don't think she's produced a single piece of art i haven't wanted to give my right arm to own. thankfully i decided to splurge this year and give myself the gift of a commissioned piece from jen so i'll finally be able to have a real corace in my home. but for those of you with bigger pocketbooks than mine, there is a brand new show of jen's work launching at motel gallery today! jen at motel sent over the links and of course, i want it all. there are two pieces with beautiful jackelopes and of course a few pieces reminiscent of her swept away series. it's a must, must see. click here to view and shop the entire collection. a few pieces are already sold so if you have around $500- $700 to drop on a wonderful new piece of art i highly suggest supporting jen and motel gallery. enjoy!





Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooh ... i would be happy with a print of one of those paintings. luck you! i learned about jen on your blog, so thanks for that

4:06 PM  
Anonymous ann said...

thank you for making me heart Jen Corace's work too. am so jealous of your commissioned work.

2:09 AM  
Anonymous susie said...

jen's work is just stunning, and she is so sweet to boot.

5:07 AM  

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