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this month's shop has knocked my socks off and i just wanted to take a second to thank all of the artists and readers who've supported the shop and this month's charity. we've sold out of a few items and amy ruppel's birdyheads are going fast so i just wanted to place a little reminder since we're nearing the bottom of the supply. amy's handmade birdyheads are available right here for $60.

[ps: there will be some exciting changes at the d*s shop in jan 07. stay tuned...]

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Anonymous ann said...

I got my birdyhead in the mail yesterday and it is ADORABLE!
thanks much to Amy for crafting such a lovely thing, and to you Grace for introducing me to her work.
My mom's going to LOVE it!!
(ps - saw last year's top chef duder at EU on E 4th st last week, he's much taller than I would have imagined)

1:01 PM  

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