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biz lady meetup: tonight!


ok ladies- the day is here and tonight we're all meeting at dwr in brooklyn heights for the nyc business ladies meet up! we're meeting from 7-9 but if you can show up by 7:45 i'd be most appreciative. we'll all head upstairs around 7:45 or 8 for a little chat and then break apart to mingle after that. we've got over 80 people rsvp'd so far (but i'm betting on about half coming) so come early and bring your business cards! i'll be providing snacks, drinks and nametags but if you can bring a canned food donation for city harvest i'd be most appreciative. i'm heading out now to get ready so i'll see you guys there! [ps: congrats to joy on running a meet-up in philly last night! more details soon...]

[in the meantime here are some links for more great design on the web: wonderful designer interviews by shari of the glass door knob, clockradios and sachets at d*s on hg, tobi wong at mocoloco, ornaments at art stream, oil lights at swiss miss]



Blogger s said...

so exciting to hear about all of the meetings going on around the country. we had our first meeting here in san francisco on sunday. check out our blog for an update later in the week:


and grace, thanks again for starting this whole discussion!


3:02 PM  
Anonymous joy said...

looking forward to seeing pics tomorrow...thanks again grace!

4:03 PM  
Anonymous kelly said...

does anyone know of one being organized in the chicago area? id be interested to find some other folks...

11:23 PM  
Blogger kerry Quade said...

I would love to know about the next one...!

2:01 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...


stay tuned, we'll probably have another in late jan or early feb


2:02 PM  

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