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designer and d*s reader gosia korsakowski sent me these beautiful trunk pieces designed to be used as a stool, side table, display surface or simply a unique object. i was really struck by the simple silver versions and the contrast between metal and wood. designed in europe by made for the us market, each trunk comes in two sizes (12 diameter and 14.5 diameter, 19 inches high) and is made with european oak wood dried in a special dryer. in addition the bottom of the trunk has a felt covering to protect your floors. trunks start around $520 and you can email gosia directly right here to discuss ordering. [thanks, gosia!]



Anonymous Gosia I. Korsakowski said...

Hello everyone,
I would like to thank Grace for posting the information and photos of The Trunks.
I would like to make one correction. Those Trunks were designed not by me, but by Malafor Small Laboratory of Forms, and they are available in USA through my company.
Thank you all for your time. Fondly, Gosia

12:34 PM  

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