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still reeling from the whole bloggie nod thing (thank you!), i went looking at all the other nomimees this weekend. i've been a fan of not martha for some time now (she is the queen of tiny cupcakes) so i thought i'd check out some of her latest craft projects. while i'm not sure that d*s is really a craft blog, i'm honored to be included among this group of talented women. especially one that posts fun projects like this door draft stopper. not martha has an easy guide to creating one (very timely considering the recent drop in temperatures) out of your favorite fabric. it's super simple and seems like a fun way to personalize your home in a way i know i'd never even thought of. click here for more.

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Anonymous Erin said...

Grace, congratulations on your award! I know what you mean about not thinking of yourself primarily as a craft blogger, but actually one of my favorite things about D*S is the way that you help to blur the lines between the categories of "craft", "decoration", "art", and design". As someone who isn't trained as an artist or designer but who does enjoy creating beautiful things, I find inspiring and motivating to read thoughtful and serious critiques of embroidery, knitting, or even toymaking as art forms. It's also great to see these kinds of work, traditionally labeled as "crafts" and generally thought of as women's work, listed right alongside more prestigious, traditionally masculine, fields of design. Here's to craft and design*sponge!

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