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a new start + new year's resolutions

happy monday everyone- it's wonderful to be back and blogging after a wonderful holiday break. with a new year upon us i thought it would be nice to take a deep breath and do a little re-organizing. you'll notice that we changed the header a little bit so that the menu items are a bit easier to see and so i had a place to announce new projects more prominently (like the d*s scholarship and guest blog). on the menu we've added a section where any and all guides will be housed (the brooklyn guide, affordable art guide, gift guides and the soon to come letterpress guide), a link to podcasts and mini-trends and a search section that lets you look for things in the d*s archives. so, in the interest of letting you know when and what is going on at d*s here is a little sneak peek into the schedule at d*s:
  • january: shop launch, scholarship launch, women to watch in 2007 launch, new podcasts and the launch of the letterpress guide in late january.
  • february: international design project launch, fresh guest bloggers, the start of the d*s contest and a new theme for fridays (hint: it's all about color)
  • march: march is a big month for me- i'll be launching the new h&g website and bringing portions to d*s that include video, something i've been dying to add for a year now. stay tuned for neighborhood guides, how-to videos and interviews with your favorite designers.
ok, i really don't plan past that so that's the best i can do for now. i promise i'll update with any new projects as they come. and just for fun i thought i'd share my new year's resolutions for d*s below. here's wishing you all a wonderful 2007:
  • to re-dedicate and re-focus the site on supporting and showcasing independent designers. (meaning: lay off the box stores, grace)
  • find as many ways as possible to use d*s to support emerging artists and their projects
  • create as many functional and helpful guides as possible to make the design world more approachable and useable
  • use new technologies and multi-media features to introduce designers and products to people in a more realistic way
  • have fun and keep the site positive

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