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two weekends ago we had a saturday that got up to 70 degrees. that morning ac and i decided to finally watch al gore's "an inconvenient truth". combined, they really got me thinking (and freaking out) about ways to go-green around the house. thankfully treehugger has compiled a weekly series of posts about how to go green. they've got a tip-a-day right now including things like: use bamboo in the kitchen, eat locally, use eco-friendly cleaning products. the full list of tips (with plenty of links to products and resources like the lamp above) is right here. for those of you interested in green living it's a must-read. [ps: treehugger tv is one of my favorite online videos so if you're interested in more, be sure to check this out]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of my goals this year is to be more 'green' treehugger is a great resource

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched the movie that day too! That Saturday was really freaky warm - it was so warm in January. Maybe Al Gore has something to listen to...

11:30 PM  

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