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in honor of sunday brunch (which means eggs for me): this handmade eggflat was made from 100% industrial wool felt by oakland artist josh jakus. though it takes its name and likeness from an egg carton, the egg flat folds flat for storage and can hold a myriad of things like keys, fruit, loose change and jewelry. each piece is made from factory waste so color will vary a bit piece to piece but you can pick up your own egg flat right here at branch home for $52.



Anonymous stacy said...

This is beautiful! Branch has the best products!

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are really easy to make. The Ready Made book tells you how to do it with a crochet doily, an egg carton and epoxy. It's probably easier with felt.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is more important? Ecofriendliness or health?

Working in a felt factory for some years I had to quit my job as I became very ill. Skin rash and respiratory illness was the result.
After long-term testing my doctors found out that the reason was the recycled felts I was working with.
Indeed pure wool felts didn’t effect my health at all.
I would never buy products made out of recycled felts which can be daily touched or inhaled. It might be ok for insulation purposes without direct contacts or chance of inhaling but not for clothing or home accessories or even contact to food.
Pure-wool felts are also eco friendly as they are made of renewable materials.
They are of course more expensive but it is worth for our health, isn’t it?

So if you make it yourself make it better, using 100% wool felt.

Franky Holly

8:45 AM  

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