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husmusen at d*s

i'm so thrilled to have this post here because it was created by the wonderful frida of husmusen (she now blogs for cult design). frida sent over her coverage of the recent formland scandinavian design show in denmark and offered to share it with us here in d*s in english. she did a roundup over at cult design but i'm guessing most of us can't read the swedish text. so, here is frida's coverage of what looks like a fantastic showing at the formland scandinavian design fair [thanks, frida!]

Formland spring 07: Formland is Scandinavia’s largest and most international home accessory and gift fair. Up to 20,000 professional buyers from over 40 countries gather ideas and inspiration for the coming season twice every year. More than 7,000 businesses meet at Formland at a spell-binding Mecca for trade and inspiration to see the latest trends and make purchases. The "key store" is a modern store designed to contain a themed environment that can change from one season to the next. This spring the theme was “green at heart” and four higly tropical trends were on display: Botanical Boheme, Punk scout, Gold digger and Urban Gipsy. Formland also presented keywords for colours, materials, designs and styling for each trend theme. What follows are photos and products from each themed "key store".



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