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julia rothman

i have something of a pattern fetish and a secret desire to cover all of my walls in patterns that would probably be overwhelming to everyone but me. thankfully i have ac to keep me in check but when i see work like julia rothman's my mind starts to work again. i keep thinking that if i bought her patterns i could commission them into a textile pattern for my couch or maybe wallpaper or heck, why not tiles? the possibilities are endless but in the meantime i wanted to share some of the new patterns she sent over. just type in "rudy" to see her full collection and "shop" online. julia sells her patterns for exclusive use so if you're looking to commission or buy a pattern julia's site is a great place to start. post patterns are between $400 and $500 and would be perfect for a home design project. click here for more info [thanks, julia!]



Anonymous Kathleen said...

Oh, I am so thrilled you are featuring Julia again. She is so talented...I want her patterns everywhere in my house. I really hope someone buys them and turns them into amazing fabric and wallpaper that I can buy at reprodepot:) ha.

4:43 PM  
Blogger CadeRageous said...

Wow, these patterns WOULD likely bother anyone but the creator OR myself. They're so beautiful and very unique.

I like the chairs and chandeliers the most, but I'm not sure why. I love the colors of the others, but maybe it's the random choice of subject to make a pattern from.


9:43 PM  

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