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kotori sake set

ac is a big sake drinker so i'm always drawn to beautiful sets and cups. this set was designed by finnish artist tomi pelkonen and takes its name from the japanese word for "little bird". i love the heavy oak serving tray, it really grounds the delicate porcelain set nicely. available exclusively at the sf moma right here for $195.



Anonymous Kate said...

Hey Grace, do you have any recommendations of a good place in the city or brooklyn to get sake? I've recently discovered I love sake (my family is definitely not into it) and find it a bit hard to find more than a very itty bitty selection at most liquor stores.

Everytime I go to Pearl River I can't control myself from buying sake cups even though I rarely drink it outside of restaurants!

11:56 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...


Hi! Let's see, I've actually purchased my sake from this site:


But I know you can get it via Fresh Direct and this is a great shop that a few friends have suggested to me:


But you know, I wonder if wine shops in Brooklyn, ie: Red, White and Bubbly or maybe Big Nose Full Body have them? I bet they would..


12:08 PM  

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