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spinning disk

this spinning disk audio system by joseph graceffa is "displayed as a table saw blade slicing through a rich piece of walnut". such a cool idea. click here and here for more information [via mocoloco]



Anonymous margaret said...

What a neat design, I like this idea. I'm one of those people (relics?) who actually still purchases CD's. I love feeling like I am buying something real and enjoying the artwork and liner notes. There is some really incredible art featured on CD's - my favorite art from last year's albums is "The Crane Wife" by The Decemberists featuring the beautiful illustrations of Carson Ellis.
If I ever do purchase some kind of MP3 player, I can always make the tracks on my CD's into MP3's for portability. I'm not opposed to the idea of (legally) downloading music, but I hate the idea of not having the option to buy CD's or records (yep, I still buy those too :)

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stone Temple Pilots.... good choice to show off the system.


3:04 PM  

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