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cary ruby

designer cary ruby is a recent graduate of the art institute of chicago. she sent over a link to some of her beautiful pattern design and i had to share. cary is currently looking to expand her pattern line and apply them to various products so if you're a manfacturer or a small company looking for patterns for papergoods, textiles or tableware click here to check out cary's full collection and contact her about her patterns. [thanks, cary!]



Anonymous Jennifer said...

I like the colors she uses in her designs. Very springlike. Also her patterns are nice

12:02 PM  
Blogger ** Terramia ** said...

Great work, Cary.
The amoeba-like design is super cool!

1:29 PM  
Blogger bowie style said...

the floral one is especially lovely - and should be picked up by someone straight away.

4:12 AM  

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