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casanova is a fantastic (relatively new) danish shop that carries modern home design with an eye for scandinavian products. the owner's boyfriend emailed me this weekend and explained (since the site is in danish) that they definitely offer shipping overseas as well as e-commerce for those of us in the states. despite being in danish the shop isn't really that tough to cruise around. if you click a few times it's pretty easy to find furniture, lighting, etc. i personally loved the ligthing selection and was thrilled to see so many yellow pieces- a nice bright yellow light sounds perfect right about now. you can click here to browse casanova's collection and shop online- enjoy!



Blogger Zurina said...

WOW! That cutout hanging yellow light is stunning! What an interesting way to brighten up a room. Those "empty" tables are really cool too - very unique. I live in a condo with no storage space, so I'd probably try and figure out what could be stored in the "hole" without taking away from the sleek table design.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fabulaous!! I want the yellow lamp. Do you know about how much that translates to in dollars??

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I emailed the website to get prices on lighting and they said:
To find the US$ price of any item in our shop, you have to devide by 5.6.
For example, an item that costs 5000DKK would be US$892.

Also, I asked about shipping and here is what they said:
The lamps you are interested in are packed in very big boxes, so they would
be difficult - but not impossible. They should all be available in your own city
though, so I think it might be a better choice for you to do a local search and
see if they might be in a shop close by.

Looking into the shipping cost isn't feasible until you have more or less committed
to a concrete order, because the various items need special attention depending on
strength (if they are fragile), weight, and exact size. If you needed all the lamps listed
below, my guess would be a freight cost of around $700. An even slight change in the
order can cause a very dramatic change in the cost. Some of the individual lamps might
be as little as $40 in freight.

So in conclusion, consider checking locally first and if you can't find what you seek,
then you could specify a proforma order to us, and then we'll give you an exact offer.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear design*sponge readers

I'm writing from CASANOVA in Denmark, upon request. First I really need to thank design*sponge for writing about us, and introducing our design-collection to the U.S. audience.

I received some e-mails asking us to clarify the international shipping, so I'll try, but I also need to ask for some understanding, as there unfortunately isn't a single freight method that will apply to all products.

So, why spend any time on CASANOVA then?

First, I think CASANOVA is always a great site for inspiration, as well as for staying up to date on Scandinavian design. We focus only on the world's foremost quality designs and occassionally we even get to meet the world known designers themselves. Just recently the widow of Verner Panton honored us by visiting our shop, as a sign that our many times very difficult efforts are being noticed.

It is also possible to buy from us, but before actually doing so from the U.S., any customer should run the order by the CASANOVA staff in order to check if the freight-handling of that particular item is technically feasible. As a rule of thumb, smaller items are possible to ship via standard postal services, but for example our top-selling rocking chair (Stingray from Fredericia Furniture, or something very fragile (like a glass lamp), can be difficult (read: amazingly expensive to ship).

Also, we try to save money for our customers, by not holding on desperately to an order for a product that is likely to be available locally. We are just trying to be helpful that way and why not save the cross-atlantic shipping fee whenever possible.

A good example of items that are extremely popular, but where you should check locally first, are the light fixtures from Louis Poulsen. This includes the yellow Collage pendant (we love that one too), which is indeed a brand new spring color and it also includes the world famous PH lamps by Poul Henningsen (classics).

To name a few typical brands that we have been selling regulary in the U.S., I would hightlight:

- Lightyears
- Bestlite
- Normann Copenhagen

With these "disclaimers" in mind, we look forward to giving great service to ANYONE interested in our collection. We also hope to bring the most extraordinary news-items to the attention of design*sponge, and we always get great feedback from your comments here on this site.


10:18 AM  

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