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céline saby

i first discovered céline saby's work when i visited french touche last summer. she makes the most wonderful lampshades that excude a sort of boho meets asian style. recently she added a collection of lamps with woodland/mushrooms themes on that that remind me of jill bliss' work. each one has such a playful vibe and plenty of color to perk up a dark corner of your home. you can view céline's work right here or here at french touche. [you'll need to email to place an order and once they arrive just drop it off at your local lamp shop and they can switch out the wiring to work with us systems. i did that with a lamp from french touche and it only cost $25.]



Blogger nanikaa said...

hello ! i am a big fan of your blog I check every single day and guess what ? great minds think alike cause the day before you post this, I also wrote about Céline Saby cause I own one of her great lamp and love her work as well. Come see the pictures of my lamp ! ;)

11:42 AM  

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