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they say the first step is admitting your addictions so i'll fess up- i, grace bonney, am a full-on iomoi junkie. the frequency with which i check their paperweights section for updates is shameful. but i always love their new designs. they're so perky and cute- you can use them in the office (to keep rogue papers in line), the kitchen (to hold cookbook pages in place) and even the bedroom (i keep one on my bedside magazine stack). the prices always stay the same ($65 for the large, $40 for the small) but the designs are always new- this season there are some fun beachy prints, LOTS of kelly green and a fantastic pink and black piece (my new favorite color combination). click here to view the full collection and shop online...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still think Kaas makes prettier paperweights.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've bought a few things from Iomoi because I really loved their designs. But when I got my paperweight, it had bubbles in it. The coasters I bought were flimsy, and not the heavy weight glass I would expect for $25 each. I was pretty disappointed.

Plus, when I called to ask them where they order the packaging the products come in because I thought it would be great for my jewelry business, they told me they wouldn't share that. It's packaging for pete's sake, not a trade secret!

7:56 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

I own about 4 iomoi paperweights and have never had any problem with them at all- service or product-wise.

I'm not surprised that they wouldn't share their packaging info and I don't necessarily think that's a reason to hate them- lots of companies won't share the most basic information so I've come to see that as the norm.

Did you call iomoi about the bubbles and ask for a replacement? My old roommate ordered one that arrived slightly askew and they rush delivered her a new one to replace it.


6:18 AM  

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