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around the web: milan

just a quick note: this week i'll be using the left "around the web" column to preview my milan coverage over at h&g. next monday the regular web clips will come back (promise) but i wanted to give some space to all the coverage without encroaching too heavily on the main column of d*s. hope you enjoy...next week i'll have organized trend slideshows to link to if the blog posts aren't your style. so stay tuned for slideshows covering the major trends i saw: yellow, wire frames, glitz/disco, naturalism, surface texture and the color red.

[another quick note: pardon my language but we have some seriously kick ass sneak peeks coming up today and thursday. including a peek into the home of quilting queen, denyse schmidt]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi grace,

i'd love to see your hg milan posts, but am having trouble loading the images. the page takes forever to load, and the images never appear. i've only noticed it since you've been posing in milan. it may be my finicky (but new) computer. i'm using firefox on a mac. anyway, just thought i'd let you know, in case other people are having the same problem:)

thanks, emily

7:55 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...


i'm so sorry- i'm not sure why that's happening. ac is actually next to me right now using firefox on a mac and it's loading fine for him. perhaps it's a firewall issue? i'll ask hg if they know anything about it. i'm nothing any different file type or anything like that so i'm not sure why it would happen. so sorry :(


8:31 AM  

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