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sneak peek: adrienne labelle

when it comes to my dream apartment, there's a very specific look that i'm always trying to achieve but just can't quite grasp. i think perhaps it's not inherent in my southern disposition to choose things that have a very northern california/scandinavian vibe to them. so when i saw adrienne labelle's house i just about fell over. i think her beautiful home in ft. greene has officially tied lena's for my "favorite house" award. i met adrienne through friends of ours and discovered that she happens to be one heck of an interior designer, and, like all interior designers, she thought her home wasn't quite ready to share. but of course, it was. and it's stunning. how her home hasn't been in a magazine yet is a mystery to me but i have a feeling she might be getting some calls about this one. you can see below for yourself and click here for full sized- pictures. i'm quite simply in love with her home. lucky for me it's just a few neighborhoods over so i'm going to have to go beg her to let me come in and stare at everything in detail. thanks to adrienne for sharing her wonderful home- you can click here to find out more about adrienne's interior design business. [thanks, adrienne!]

"Joseph and I live in a pre civil war wood frame house. When we first looked at the place it was under some renovating construction and they were just in the planning phase of which carpet to put on all of the wood floors. Eek! Luckily we asked them to hold off and abort the floor carpeting mission. I had them paint them instead a sort of battle ship gray. Though the floors are a little worse for the wear it really pays off in the dining room where we get to see the old wide plank floors."

"Here are the details from the top picture of my living room: Artwork, The painting above the Fireplace is by the talented and amazing artist Mindy Setzen, the cardboard trophy is by artist Brady Dollarhide both dear friends and both of Brooklyn, NY. There is a Plexi display case that I got for Joseph Ari for his birthday to display his "Flowbots". (Not pictured) which is currently displaying a large tin pencil stub pencil case (courtesy of ebay). Another excellent find from ebay was the totally weird sun salutation drawer unit in orange and yellow. The Chrome lamp is circa 1960's. Pillows on the Deco chair are from Jonathan Robeshaw. Finally in a mad day of fireplace discontent I fauxed a line pattern onto the surround to give it all a little kick. The second living room shot (second from the top) contains: a bookshelf from the old 26th street flea market in Manhattan. I think the lamp is Lightolier but not positive. Art work is "Flowbot Birthday Party" by resident Artist Joseph Ari Aloi, Pink Tree painting is by artist Dan Kopp, small Sunset tree silhouette is another Brady Dollarhide creation. I got the magazine rack from a vintage site a few years ago when I was really digging Joseph Hoffman. Unfortunately you cant see the beautiful blossoms of pink out the window. It is a full frame of pink and purples..."

"The picture of the dining room (on the left) is the reason we rented this place. There is a huge dining room with beautiful wide plank flooring and a nice double door between the living room and the dining room. We have three big windows at the front of the space and as you can see the wide plank floors. There is the worlds tiniest kitchen just off to the left as well as an itsy bitsy bathroom, these the prices we paid for the light and space. My Dining table: A lot happens here. I covered the midcentury chairs with a John Robshaw canvas print and the bamboo chair in the background is in Joseph Franks Subway fabric. Silkscreen Print above the stereo is from the design collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus/Eli Sudbrack. Deco bust I got at Horseman Antiques on Atlantic Ave Brooklyn. For the Kitchen: I decided recently to paint my itsy bitsy kitchen a deep gray brown. I have so many different colored dishes and trinkets that any color I put on the wall was overwhelming. Finally, I can see my lovely Villeroy & Bosch Auculpoware china which I collect. Platter shown hanging. For our bedroom: I am drawn to really bright colors these days and but I am also drawn to old well made furniture, especially when it is found in my future inlaws basement. Painting on the wall is another piece by our friend Dan Kopp. Vintage Starwars clock radio is Joseph's. Little white bird is from Ted Meuhling in Soho. Lately I have been into searching for wild vintage pillow cases that can dress up my drab white bed. This is a Vera one. My other favorite set is differing values of green& blue that says love all over it in a very mod type. Finally this is our little dressing area above. Butler thing was a painted find. Chair in a Gio Ponti style is an old purchase from Swankarama and the great breast Print is by friend and artist extroidinaire Rostarr."

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Blogger Unknown said...

This is about as close to perfection as you can get! What a beautiful home! I'm green with envy!

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree- why haven't I seen this in Domino before?? I'm guessing we will now though ;)


12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the use of color- it IS very NoCa ;-)


12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love all the pink- so girly.


2:18 PM  
Blogger Phoebe said...

i covet your rostarr print... :)

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question for anyone--
when you paint floorboards, is that any different than painting a wall? Does it require a different type of paint? Like if you want to do brown wood painted white. (it's ok if it looks scratchy, not perfectly white)

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you tell me the name of the paint in the kitchen? i love it! so cool with the bright colors.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the floors- it was a bold choice but one that seems to have paid off. Tres' cool.

Jill :)

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great comments!
Paint in the kitchen is Benjamin Moore "Eagle Rock" #1469. As for painting a floor, I have done it a couple of times. It definitely lasts and stays best if you have time to let it dry and use an oil based paint. Act fast as they are phasing out oil based paints for environmental issues. Ultimately it really works best though! If you have to use Latex, make sure the floor is super clean. My landlord painted mine and I have had to touch it up a few times.....Good luck and thanks again!!!

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg grace this apartment is stunning. you've (she's)got me thinking about the redecoration of my bedroom/office to yellow and pink. so beautiful.

6:29 PM  
Blogger lisa solomon said...

yeah. so good. love all the combos... just so personal too....

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh, this has to be one of my favourite sneak peeks! The space as a whole and the attention to detail are so perfect and balanced without seeming forced or over-laboured. Lovely. Adienne, you have a really artful touch!

6:14 AM  
Blogger drey said...

I love the painting by Mindy Setzen. Where can I see more of her work??

2:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adrienne, how you put a world together by pulling in all those disparate artworks plus colortexturetoneandhue plusplusplus dealing with permitsgeometryandcity bureaucracies is beyond me but it works, and works beautifully. Such a talent.

5:32 AM  

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