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my (one-sided) love affair with the bouroullec brothers is well-documented and seems to grow exponentially over time. with each new product i find another reason to love their sense of line and space and the creativity with which they approach product design. greener grass design just picked up their treille design, which is "a system of cylindrical vases horizontally aligned and connected by gray-green nylon belts and adjustable lacquered metal braces." i love the way they've brought the outdoors in, in such a clean, architectural way. the terra cotta vessels can hold any number of plants but i love the orchids they've chosen for the photo- their clean lines and asymmetrical growing patterns are a perfect match for any bouroullec design. click here for more information on the ronan and erwan bouroullec and here for the treille.



Blogger "Netta's Creations" said...

Love This!
Very Unique......
Need one for the store....


7:15 PM  

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