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bklyn designs

i'm on my way to bklyn designs to cover the show. this weekend i've got to prepare for the scad lecture so i'll be posting the best and brightest from bklyn designs on monday. stay tuned...[lamp above by donna brady of re-surface design. showing in the bklyn designs annex]

[judy ross' answers to your "ask a designer" questions will be up tomorrow. we're having a wee technical glitch and i won't be in until late tonight to post. so tune in tomorrow for her answers to all your questions]



Blogger Jan Halvarson said...

oh to by in ny this month!

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

grace, I love your blog, but I don't think you've ever met a deadline that you set for yourself. shop still says it'll be back in april, you had to extend the scholarship deadline, and then those results took forever for you to post. I've been looking forward to Judy Ross' answers, but again it's just a tease. maybe don't say when you'll post and then there won't be any disappointment.

7:02 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...


i'm waiting on some additional answers from judy ross so i'm sorry if the delay has upset you.

as for the scholarship, i extended the deadline because applicants asked for extra time. i had students who weren't able to get recs in on time and who weren't able to get photography of their work ready so i chose to give them a few extra days. unless you were an applicant yourself i'm curious as to how that deadline extension upset you.

in regards to the scholarship, i think "forever" is a bit of a stretch. the scholarship website has always said i would post the winners on may 1. i posted them on may 4. i hardly think three days is forever.

the last shop has been something of a difficulty this month as several of the artists i wanted to shwocase have been going through some personal issues that have pushed their production schedule back. rather than release an unfinished and sub-par shop i've chosen to delay it. i'll admit i hadn't planned on delaying it this far but i don't believe in pushing something out just to get it done.

i would appreciate it if you'd keep in mind that this is a free website. perhaps if you had a subscription that guaranteed precise timing i would understand your sense of entitlement. but i think sometimes people forget that doing everything on your own means you sometimes miss a deadline or two.


6:21 AM  

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