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bamboo love

lately i've been obsessed with finding a good regency style bamboo (or faux bamboo) lamp. they seem to run for a pretty penny on ebay so i've been scouring for something simpler and thought i'd see if any of you knew of a great source for something similar. my favorites are above and below and i love this little number at gump's but the price tag's a little steep for me. [photo above- left: ebay, right: ebay]

[photo above: ebay]

[photo above: ebay]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh $495, that's really not that bad for thta chandelier, it's cute.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Tara said...

Pink over at Casapinka (http://casapinka.typepad.com/casapinka/2007/06/faux_bamboo_pag.html) found a great one on Ebay!

8:28 AM  
Anonymous becky said...

Very hard to find under $500. Check Bungalow Classic Lighting in Atlanta (on Howell Mill Road)- I saw a newer version the other day that tempted me but wasn't quite vintage-looking enough for me. Their prices are fair.

I've been stalking them on eBay for about two months and casapinka got REALLY lucky. It is easier to find eBay bargains in the summer but anything with "hollywood regency" in the title is going sky high lately. These usually have that as a keyword in the title.


12:17 PM  
Anonymous becky said...

P.S. - may not want to print this for so many to see an email address (?) but bungalow classic does not have a website. However, their number is 404.351.9120 and email address is bungalowatl@aol.com.

I believe this is the same Bungalow whose owner's home was featured in Domino magazine about a year ago. The store is gorgeous! I almost walked out with some amazing gourd lamps I can't afford right now and luckily (for my wallet) the other chandelier I was interested in was on hold.


12:34 PM  

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