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chloe's back

one of the things i get asked about the most these days is the chloe sevigny spread H&G did last year. i'll admit, i was majorly obsessed with her hallway's wallpaper but i'd never been so beseiged with emails asking for full-sized photos, sourcing info and extra copies. thanks to my co-worker katy the full slideshow is now available online, with additional pictures that didn't run online the first time. just click here to check it out- she's got a seriously beautiful home.



Blogger Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

FYI: there's a typo on the HG spread on Chloe. Her last name is mispelled in the title description of her home photos series...

10:54 AM  
Blogger propriatress said...

a chloe by any other name.....it must be chloe week again....but then chloe is fine any week.....cool wallpaper or not !

1:06 AM  

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