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kelly wearstler q+a

a while ago i asked you guys for some questions to ask designer kelly wearstler. well, everything finally came together and i've posted her full q+a (using your questions) interview right here! it was fun to see which top design contestant she'd let design her house (hint: it wasn't the designer who won), which decade she finds the most influential and what she has to say about her fashion choices for top design. click here to check out the full piece. thanks to everyone who contributed questions!

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Blogger Leyre said...

GREAT interview, and I absolutely love her response to your question about how she dressed on the show :)

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great interview! I love KW. By the way I had such fun meeting you in my bakery in Savannah. Hope your travel plans bring you back soon.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also love her response on her design choices. Who the hell cares what other people think, bloggers seeme to be so obsessed and focused on her style choices, which was rather annoying....move on.

3:14 PM  

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