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black and white stripes

since late spring, i've been much been obsessed with black and white stripes. anyone who's seen me in person since may can attest to the fact that i have been over-rocking a black and white horizontal stripe sweater and i've now transitioned to a heavier version of my favorite look made of wool instead of cotton. something about the black and white stripes feels so modern and fresh and it suddenly hit me- i wonder bedroom curtains would look good in a bold black and white horizontal stripe. i was really inspired by (and majorly want) the tracy reese dress above (and isaac mizrahi's stripes) and i thought, what about a soft white (or cream) and black shantung? maybe this is crazy but i thought it might be fun to at least check out. so i thought i'd see if anyone knew of any good resources for bold fabric (bonus point if it's shantung) in nyc? should i wade through mood again or is there a better solution? thanks for any tips!



Blogger meagan said...

that dress is fabulous. i love tracy reese!


9:54 AM  
Blogger Harper said...

Some sourcing thoughts... Zarin's and Joe's fabrics in the LES or this place on 3rd ave. between 56 and 57th on the West side of the street that has discount "fancy" fabrics (lots of silks) or Silk Trading at ABC Carpet and Home. Good luck!

10:32 AM  
Blogger Clothes-Pin said...

I like Berenstein Textiles for their broad selection. There is also a home dec. fabric store near me that has beautiful silks, I forget the name but they're on 39th bet 7&8 (shoot em an email if you want me to get a card). And seconding mhp...silk trading really has unbeatable weight and quality.

10:53 AM  
Blogger HKpowers said...

I think the look is amazing but just keep in mind that bold horizontal stripes can be difficult to achieve if the curtains are not made with exquisite attention to detail. I've seen some done that were very wobbly & poor looking because they were not lined up properly. I just wanted to give a heads up since the end results could be fab or drab!

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, we are clearly having the same vibe!! I JUST made a black and white striped cornice for our hallway window this weekend. now i need to get the mr. to hang it up. i'll certainly send you some pics when its up!!

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's an amazing store in greenwich, ct, called mis en scene that has really beautiful curtains imported from france. they're pricey but they've got a terrific selection of patterns and stripes. www.misenscenegreenwich.com

10:42 AM  

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