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sneak peek: jezebel

i'm so happy to share a little sneak peek into the home of one of my favorite stationery (and soon to be interior!) designers- leigh batnick of jezebel. leigh has a brand new website and i thought it would be perfect to time her sneak peek with the launch of the new site. above and below are my favorite photos of her home but as always you can click here for larger versions of these photos. thanks so much for leigh for sharing her home with us.

["I am a magpie but also strict with myself in terms on new acquisitions. I love stories and lineage and being surrounded by that which tells a tale. My bed is surrounded by totemic bits: my boyfriend found the tile on the wall to the right of the bed- it's of an old Japanese erotic woodcut intertwined with a vintage wallpaper print and I dream of tiling an entire bathroom in it's likeness, a seashell lamp and mobile from a trip to Mexico with my mother, and jewelry belonging to my grandmother, and an alarm clock from Ikea that I love for its no-nonsense tight lines. The still life was done by my grandmother and the couch is piled with pillows from over the years- the mirrored pair were thrown in for free by the Indian woman I brought a brown velvet couch from when I lived in Washington D.C.. I had to leave the couch, but the pillows have stayed by my side."]

["My favorite old against my favorite new- books are first and foremost for me and I just purchased a pair of these crazy brass-studded, patent leather, swivel, chrome-based, bucket chairs. They make my heart beat faster."]

["We call my apartment the dollhouse as an ode to its diminutive proportions- quite the thrill to acquire this dollhouse shelving unit for $3 at a thrift store- it's stocked with my feathered headbands, my beloved black owls, a bit of coquillage, and an indispensable Radio Shack radio."]

["Photos of my grandparents (in high-stepping dollar store frames) flank either side of my desk. I think they were pretty glamorous and along with coffee, they provide daily inspiration. The amazing nautical themed table is courtesy of the painter Elizabeth Deull. Also, I'm mad for shells and do my best to sniff their low-tide brininess over the mustiness in any junk-tiquing situation."]

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Blogger charlotte said...

What a fantastic bed. It reminds me of Terence Conran's very first House book from the 70s - it is full of inspiring shots, just like this one!

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

precious, soooooo leigh.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Thanks for the peek! I'm a huge fan of Leigh's beautiful, mysterious work...and now her patent leather bucket chairs as well!

4:02 PM  
Blogger Style Court said...

Such soul -- I love it.

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That bedroom is dope and I love the dollhouse hanging. Very cool scale as well. Vintage I guess?

10:09 PM  

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