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brad ascalon

POP Outdoor Chaise, Table_Brad Ascalon

designer brad ascalon might be best known to d*s readers as the designer of the "splash storage system", but he recently designed a new series called POP, which includes an outdoor table and chaise that look like they just "popped" out of a sheet of plastic. they remind me of those hostess cupcake containers, but in the best way possible. you can contact brad for more information here. [thanks, brad!]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so unique! It would be great outdoor furniture! I also thought the "splash storage system" was a terrific idea as well. I want to see more. . .

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a very similar design attracted Communist party members to the Lake Balaton in the 'good' old times.

check out these sunbeds from Hotel Riviera in Balatonfoldvar, which was one of the summer resorts maintained exclusively for party-members: http://rivierahotel.freeweb.hu/kepnezo.htm
(click on the 5th picture)

some of these beds - though a bit faded - still has 'MSzMP' (acronym for the Hungarian Socialist Labor Party) painted on them.

11:20 AM  

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