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this is macro


i'm listening to kexp this morning and going through this great big packet of milan designers that kristina at 3lc sent me (thanks, kristina!). it's packed full of great up and coming designers that showcased with hidden art uk this year, so i wanted to talk about a few of these. first up is this is macro, a british design studio run by patrick bek and oliver fowles- their latest collections focus on two major themes: accordion style folding pieces that start flat and expand to create seating or lighting. the second theme is water-jet cut polyethelene foam used in a wide arrange of seating options. i love the fold out pieces because i think they're such a fun way to reimagine traditionally solid objects like chairs and lamps. comfort may be an issue, but the fold out stool certainly looks lovely. if folding pieces aren't for you, try this is macro's water-jet cut pieces- they have a nice tetris feel to them with clean cut edges and an almost block-like quality to them. you can click here for more info. [thanks 3lc!]

[stay tuned today for the winners of the brooklyn designs contest and coverage of the pratt id student show]





Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should probably be able to figure this out, but is that folding light fixture for sale? I'm looking for a hanging light/chandelier, and this is really amazing.

10:18 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

they've got it listed as a prototype on the site but i find that if you contact a lot of these artists directly they're more than happy to discuss selling those or producing samples for you. so i'd shoot them an email and see what they're open to. most of these designers are pretty helpful and happy to make a sale :)


10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

patrick and oliver are a riot. two very nice guys. their sofa recomposes, obviously, in whatever form you want, but over the course of the fair they said it kept getting smaller because people were taking the pieces away for souvenirs.


10:57 AM  

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