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weekly wrap up + mibo

today is my mom's birthday [happy birthday mom!] and my dad is in town for work so i'm heading out early to catch up with him. i hope you all have a wonderful labor day weekend and enjoy the extra day off. i'll be back on tuesday with new sneak peeks and information on the biz lady meet ups. until then i hope you all enjoy the holiday! [photo above: new pillows from mibo uk, coming this fall]


(mini) sneak peek: jenny's cabinets

i love seeing how people choose to personalize their home. d*s reader jenny lives in north carolina and was kind enough to share a little peek into her kitchen with us. jenny hired her friend and local artist (and rock poster king) ron liberti to silkscreen this silhouette print onto their kitchen cabinets. it's definitely not something you'll see in everyone's kitchen and i love all of the possibilities you could have with this medium. i'd love to silkscreen a simplified version of my favorite wallpaper pattens on cabinets. how fun. click here to see larger pictures of jenny's cabinets. [thanks, jenny!]


green glass

beautiful green glass from sköna hem, via jan at poppytalk.

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miss martha

i've come a long way since my first reading of martha stewart's blueprint magazine. it's gone from a magazine i barely read to probably my favorite book on the market right now. and this month's spread of beds and bedding is a perfect example of why. they mixed together a wide range of options for every price range and of course, shot them beautifully. i think when i die heaven to me will be decorated by martha stewart's stylists. you can read the bed story online right here but i suggest picking up the sept/oct 2007 issue for the full sized photos. the spread on "living with a guy" is fantastic if, like me, you really have to avoid girlyville. [thanks, katy!]


fabrics and papers

gorgeous wallpaper from romo fabrics and fabrics and papers, via design milk.



clare grill

for the last year or so i've been looking to invest in artwork (mainly paintings), but haven't quite found the perfect fit yet. there are many artists i love but i still seem to be on the search for the perfect combination of texture and color. but thanks to d*s reader emily i may have found my perfect match. brooklyn based artist clare grill creates these stunning paintings using gauche and oils; her use of color is really spot on for me. i love the vivid splashes of hot pink, yellow and purple. clare's mission statement says that she "juxtapose[s] structural and gestural marks, bold and neutral color, and varying surfaces to contain and protect painted areas [she] thinks look real in their unmediated directnessuses. [her] current work uses forms found both intuitively through my painting process, and from ephemeral and permanent structures found in nature, specifically camping tents and geological cross-sections, that reference this act of protection and containment." i love the geological references and her extensive series of tent paintings. clare is currently showing at real art ways in new haven hartford, ct but you can click here to see more of her work and contact her online. [thanks, emily!]


dash and albert

our friends jon and mindy are putting together a nursery and pointed me in the direction of dash and albert rugs. they've got a huge collection of hooked, hand loomed, wool, braided, tufted and indoor/outdoor rugs- some of which might even be good for our dining room. i was drawn to the "rain or shine" diamond pattern, which is online at lavender fields for some pretty decent prices. just wanted to share in case anyone else was on a rug hunt like i am. [thanks, jon!]



i have mixed feelings on urban outfitters (and their new site) but something about these little accessories is hard to resist. eleanor grosch's owley clock ($28) and the vintage-inspired norwegian squirrel lamp base ($36) are fun ways to add some character to a room without dropping too much money.

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d*s reader hannah and i are totally stumped. does anyone know who makes the beautiful wallpaper shown in the back of these miu miu ads? i'm drawing a blank but i thought someone out there might know?

[FOUND IT: thanks anon! looks like "anemone" in a different colorway]


night owl paper goods

night owl paper goods' line of eco-friendly wooden postcards is now available online. these were such a big hit at the gift fair so i'm thrilled to see them ready to buy on the night owl site. eco-friendly holiday cards should be coming next month, too. click here for more info. [thanks, jennifer!]


the rug company

i'm still on the hunt for a chevron-style rug for the dining room so i've been hopping from rug site to rug site. even though they're out of my price range, i love so many of the rug company's designer collection styles- especially those from marni and vivienne westwood. although sometimes i think i like the styling of the photos even more. the blue wall and pink chaise in the last marni photo is just to die for.



sandberg textiles

i was categorizing old posts last night and came across a piece on sandberg textiles from last november so i thought i'd see what was up with them these days. it looks like they've launched a new collection of wallpaper and textiles called claude and clotilde- i'm loving the rich greys and purples in the series- it's just perfect for fall. click here to browse the full collection. my favorites are above and below. [i have meetings for the rest of the day so i'll see you tomorrow! sorry i had to post everything before 11.]

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petra börner

i'm feeling the switch from summer to fall in our home and i'm starting to pick richer colors like deep reds, magentas, purples and black. i'm feeling really inspired by the color palettes in petra börner's work right now- these prints are so beautiful (her prints for cacharel are gorgeous, too). lena did an interview with her on the guest blog last september and it looks like now she's a visiting lecturer at central st. martins college. those are some lucky students....

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rapture and wright

i'm helping a friend pick out wallpapers for her bathroom and we're trying to decide between these two, very different, prints from rapture and wright. i love their handprinted papers (and textiles) and think either of these would be lovely. something about the soft butter yellow makes me think it would be perfect for a small space like her bathroom but maybe the bold pattern would make the little room pop. has anyone worked with these before? my vote is for the yellow...


blik picks

i'm not normally a wall decal fan but i'm really enjoying these two patterns at the blik threadless shop. they'd be so perfect for a child's room- someone who really loves pirate ships and animals. i think the animals would be so cute as a meandering border or chair rail around a baby's room. and the ships? they're so cute i think i want them. you can pick up a pack of each for $45-$60 right here. happy sticking.


gracie chandelier

my friend jon pointed out that i seem to have a habit of buying things that have my name in them. i swear it's not planned but it does seem to happen a lot. i just picked up this gracie chandelier at crate and barrel (thanks to orange beautiful) and had it installed in our dining room. our little apt is getting ready for its big debut on the new d*s next month and i'm pretty close to checking off "finish dining room" on my list. you can still grab the white gracie chandelier right here for $199.


sf biz lady date + portland biz lady poll

i'm thrilled to announce that we have a location for both the san franciso and portland biz ladies meet ups. dwr has kindly offered to host both events so the details will be:as for portland, the event will be on a tuesday in february but i'm going to let you guys choose between two dates: tuesday, february 19 or tuesday, february 26th. if you're in portland just leave your vote below. i'll pick the day with the most votes.


natsuko seki

after categorizing 600 old posts last night i realized that the majority were artwork and graphic design. if you'd asked me what i post about the most these days i would have said accessories but i was dead wrong. so in honor of the artwork-centric posts of the last few months i thought i'd post some great new artists today. first is natsuko seki, who i found through kate forrester's site. i'm absolutely crazy about her collage-style illustrations that combine bright colors with beautiful patterns. click here to see natsko's full collection of illustrations, animation and package design.


hoot hoot (part two)

i love metallic inks- this bronze owl print from oh my cavalier is handprinted in metallic bronze ink on a gocco printer. the 7 x 3.25 inch print is available right here for $8. and if one owl isn't enough, there's also a beautiful orange gocco owl card from elfrida right here for $3.


dunford wood

gorgeous handmade wallpapers by dunford wood, via lena corwin via tas-ka.


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