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mo' molo, please


most people already know molo for their fabulous little tea lantern that scooped up the editor's award at this year's icff. (mocoloco coverage here) but this fantastic canadian design duo has just come up with something that i've fallen madly in like with. deep, deep like.

still in production, softwall is, "the first product in the line of soft products. it is an expandable partition with a moody ambient light quality; light falling onto the softwall from windows or light fixtures is absorbed and contained within its layers, giving off an inner luminosity similar to a block of snow or ice. softwall can be manipulated by the user to make any larger open space more intimate or dynamic. the honeycomb walls also serve to dampen sound." really. what more can you say- it's sick. super sick. it's a great way to divide up a loft, make a subtle space division or just add a bit of ambience to your plain old apartment. check out molo's website for more info. and if you haven't seen em yet, do check out their super cute tea lanterns. they're tres chic.



lantern frosted

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Anonymous Lani said...

Hi! I love the softwall but have one question -- how about dust? With all that surface area, how long will it last until it gets too dusty? If it can be easily cleaned, I'd say they have the PERFECT product and I'd run to Philly to buy one. Thanks!

5:09 AM  

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