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thursday belongs to molo

felt rocks 3

it's no secret that i'm molo's biggest fan, and today, i'd like to honor my favorite canadian duo with an excited post about their upcoming icff goods.

glass 3

if you don't know molo, let me fill you in: molo was formed in 2003 as the global vehicle to manufacture, distribute, and market the award winning product design work of stephanie forsythe and todd macAllen, of forsythe + macAllen design. the philosophy behind their product design work is the same as that behind their work in architecture, with one simply being an extension of the other. molo is actually an acronym for “middle ones, little ones”, reflecting only the scale difference in product design, as compared to the “big ones” of their buildings and structures. their work has won countless international design awards and promises to win many more as time goes on.

felt rocks 4

this year at icff, molo will debut several additions to their existing collection: a line of felt rocks and two new styles for the float collection, a martini glass and a half-sized tea lantern.


the float collection is a premium line of hand-made glassware/barware appropriate for hot or cold use. molo's master glassblowers in the czech republic handcraft float glassware, literally one piece at at time. the unique suspended bowl shape insulates the hand from the liquid inside the glass, and also serves to elevate condensation away from a table's surface, making the use of a coaster unnecessary. this spring, molo will add an elegant, modern martini glass to the collection, along with a half-sized tea lantern, which are sure to be a hit at icff.

glass 2

molo's felt rocks are roughly the size of your hand, but will have varying sizes. like real stones, no two are ever alike and the shapes will be totally random. formed in the making of the very pure, wool felt buffing pads used to polish optical discs, the felt rocks are essentially an industrial by-product formed by break-away pieces that roll around in the hammering machine accumulating wool. molo collects them and then cleans them by hand. they will be available in groups of three.

felt rocks 2

in addition to these great new products, molo will be designing huge paper softwalls for the icff theater. i, for one, will be running to the theater to see how it turns out. molo's softwall is one of my favorite products of the whole year. you can see my write up on it here.


so, please stop on by molo's website, or, if you're in ny, check out their work at icff, ito en and felissimo, where their tea lanterns will soon be sold. enjoy!

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