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this is going to be one of the longest posts i've done in awhile, because i'm really excited about this company. three quick notes before i launch in: one- the pictures have dots in them because, on the website, they denote little pop up info boxes about the furniture, two- i actually can't afford any of this furniture, but i wanted to share this because, for those of you who can, i think the pieces are worth investing in and three- i'd like to live in the apt featured in the product shots. gorgeous.


atlantico is a williamsburg brooklyn based furniture design studio run by super sweet korneel and husani. korneel and i have spoken via email a few times and i've really come to be intrigued by the launch of their company, so i was excited to finally get a look at the pieces.


atlantico was born from "thinking about what we would like our house to be: calm, pleasant and comfortable. a place where we could recharge and invite friends to, filled with items that would enhance our well-being and that would support us. items of high quality but without pretense. our home would be uncluttered but cozy, warm but minimal." i love this philosophy and embrace it whole-heartedly. atlantico's aesthetic is quality not quantity and their furniture blends nicely into most existing styles. what i love so much about their pieces is the attention to detail: each piece is seemingly simple, but has a quality of construction that belies its simplicity. there are no ugly screws or exposed metalwork- the furniture is pure, simple, beautiful wood.


atlantico's collection is divided into sleeping, living and dining, each collection comprised of three to five pieces of simple, beautiful furniture. i decided to start with sleeping because, well, it was the first on the drop down menu.


atlantico's sleeping collection is comprised of a super minimalist bed, night stand and tall and short chest of drawers. my favorites are the tall and low chest of drawers (my favorites of the entire collection as well). these pieces are elegant, unimposing and add a lovely sense of simple serenity to any decor. the bed and night tables are equally simple, minimalist and easy to blend in to your existing collection of furniture.


after bedding comes living, so let's dive in...atlantico's living collection consists of a coffee table, low side board and side table. i love the low side board, i'd put this in my top five favorite pieces of the collection. again, each piece embodies simple, high quality modernism. the coffee table and side table are about as simple as you can get, but sometimes that's all you need (again, i'd like to add that i'm sure a lot of people will balk at the pricing. i identify with the sense of confusion about such a high price for such a simple product, but i guess i've become so numb to pricing in this industry that i just don't get quite as upset as i used to).


the dining collection from atlantico is a bench, stool, two tables and a tall sideboard. this collection is no different from the previous in its commitment to detail, quality and simplicity. the table "003" has a nice added detail of setback support that makes it look as though the top is levitating above the rest of the table. it's simple, but adds a nice touch to a very basic table. the sideboard is a perfect starter piece (although not exactly a starter price...), as are the stools and benches. i've always loved the idea of benches at dining tables- they're so cozy and allow for intimate seating while enjoying heated discussion and hot food. (although i'd probably add a pad for more comfort).


atlantico is a great new player in the minimalist, modern furniture industry. while i have a problem with the pricing of the collection, i think that overall the pieces are beautiful, elegant and the perfect product of a mission to create a "calm, pleasant and comfortable" environment. you can find more information on atlantico at their website, or their "showroom" at 36 s4th street (my old hood) in williamsburg (by appt).



Anonymous elle said...

this stuff is indeed beautiful. and the price, alas, is acutally pretty reasonable for solid wood furniture made in the u.s. the one thing i found odd is that almost all the pieces require assembly--i wonder what kind? assembly does seem like something that should be taken care of by the manufacturer at this price point, no?

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very similar to the "hovering in the air" tabletop is the Asia dining table by Directions, Inc., the furniture company where I interned last summer. The site is somewhat confusing to navigate, but check out the Asia collection at: www.directions86.om

11:23 AM  
Anonymous korneel said...

Hello, Korneel here.

First, many thanks to Grace for the great post - much appreciated.

To Elle: Thanks for pointing that out. You're right. We do take care of assembly, when delivered in the NY region. Outside of that, some assembly is required - ranging from putting legs on a table, to putting together the bed frame.

Will clarify that on product pages as well.

The price points, well, they are what they need to be in fairness to our customers and ourselves (well, of course we would say that). We won't deny that it is a decent sum of money - because it is - but it is right.

Anyway, we like to hear from people and have them visit - we now have milk and sugar to go with the coffee - so please drop by when you can.

Thanks again,


11:34 AM  
Anonymous derek said...

Going to start chiming in. Hey sponge. Was great to meet you at Bklyn Designs, didn't see you at ICFF, but that was hardly surprising.. that space was huge.

My favorite piece is definitely the stool and bench, by a mile. Reminds me of the George Nelson benches but more subtle and refined. Also like the table004, with its planks laid vertically on the thin side rather than horizontally.

I'm not surprised that simple things are expensive, or rather, that minimal things are expensive, because often the design and construction of minimalist objects is not simple. When there's no ornamentation or decoration to fall back on, all you're left with is the quality of the construction; the clean joints, invisible hardware, etc. I love it most when I look at a piece of furniture and think "How did they do that?!?"

11:56 AM  
Anonymous tunde jakab said...

Agree with Derek--especially on table 004. Saw it in San Fancisco at Zinc Details, immediately caught my eye, and I crouched under it to solve the "mystery". And to memorize proportions and details. That has never happened to me before...
Hope to own that table someday :)

3:59 AM  

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