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glowing places


"glowing places" is an interesting design installation created by philips. designed as an investigation into people's interaction with light in public spaces, glowing places resulted in plastic seating, embedded with LED strips and sensors. these sensors measure the presence of people over time and both the number of people sitting and the length of time they stay create a 'social interactive pattern' that is translated by patented software into lighting effects in the furniture. hence, many people sitting for brief periods of time result in lighting activity expressing a "busy period", whereas one or two people sitting for a longer period trigger "mellow lighting". what a fun idea. photos courtesy of philips. [hello to my good friend bryan who just moved to amsterdam to work with philips. miss you, bry!]





Blogger Gustad said...

Hey, just came across your site. Very cool stuff. I like your design taste.

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always love to see fresh design coming out of Philips and the Netherlands in general.

Keep it coming!


6:36 PM  

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